How Does Car Protection Film Work?

Car protection film, sometimes called car wrap, is meant to protect your car from scratches, oxidation, rock chips, debris, sun, road grime and more. Very possibly the most obvious benefit to a car protection film or clear bra is the protection from rock chips. When you are on the road, rocks and other hard objects can often cause dings and dents in the surface of your car. This often happens with older cars and vehicles that have been exposed to less than ideal weather conditions.

As well as looking good, protecting your car from these chips is extremely important too. A scratched car surface is very unappealing and has the potential to create ugly scars on the outside of your vehicle. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you keep your car protected. One way you can do this is to put on a car protection film or clear wrap. A clear wrap will protect the exterior of your car from small critters and scratches whilst also helping to improve the overall appearance of your vehicle.

There are two main types of car protection film; ones that are factory paint finish and ones that are matte paint finishes. Both will give you the same amount of protection. The difference between the two is that factory paint finishes will be thicker and more protected than matte paint finishes. It is also important to understand that a matte paint finish will need to be repainted every few years if it is to remain looking its best. On the other hand, factory paint finishes will last many years before becoming vulnerable to damage. The best advice is to opt for a durable, long-lasting, factory paint finish. There are other varieties of materials at:

Both films are relatively easy to install. The main differences between the two comes from the level of protection offered. Paint finishes will provide greater protection when compared to P PF. Also, both films use the same type of coating. P PF is a polyester film while PPP is an acrylic film. PPP will be thinner and can easily be applied to the top half of your car whilst a PPF can be applied directly to the vehicle's exterior.

If you want to apply a car protection film onto a shiny car, you should ensure that the vehicle's paint is at least three-months old. An older vehicle will not have the required protection and could result in damage being done to the vehicle. When using a P PF film to coat your car, it is important that you clean the vehicle before application. The ArmorDillo Strong experts will ensure that all dirt particles are removed from the surface of the film.

The last thing to mention is that both types of paint protection films are easy to install. You can either use a professional or DIY method. If you wish to take on the job yourself, then it is best to use a professional DIY kit that includes tools and instructions. Once you have completed the installation process, you will find that both types offer similar levels of protection. For more information, click here:

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